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All of us at Capital StreetScapes have been getting back into the swing of things since the New Year. We have been working on many different projects for neighborhoods, college campuses, HOAs, and civic centers. A question that we get asked every so often is, “Can I get parts painted a different color than black?” The answer to that is, YES! While we primarily show off our black powder coated items that we keep in stock, we are able to do many other colors. This is just one of the many things we offer to make your custom project.

Now that spring is here, it would be a perfect time to think about updating your sign needs. While our black powder coated items are (of course) BEAUTIFUL, having a different color is definitely something extra-ordinary. Give us a call at the shop if you are interested in a custom color for your project!

The bases below are powder coated in RAL 6002 and RAL 5012 respectively.

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What are you guys doing for the holidays? We usually stay around Austin for the big feast with family. There’s always great food and laughter and of course, football. We are always thinking about our customers, so of course during this time of year, we are also thinking about y’all who might be hitting the roads this time of year. We want your drive to be as safe and easy as possible. The best way to do it is to (duh) buy from us, and use decorative sign posts, decorative street signs that will make the drive less of a hassle for everyone. Aside from that, Decorative street signs and decorative sign posts can help tourists while they are in town for the holidays to navigate the city, but another thing to point out here is that decorative street signs and decorative sign bases can also help to add to the charm of the city or neighborhood, which many holiday travelers value.


We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how our products are impactful and useful at places like HOAs and college campuses. But our products serve another major use in urban developments and shopping centers. For instance, all over the country you'll see new mixed use developments—hot up and coming restaurants blended with loft-style apartments and fitness centers. In essence, these “town center” style shopping centers are the perfect way to collaborate with Capital Streetscapes. Gone are the days of the neutral, tired strip mall. Today, engineers and architects are looking for ways to breathe new, creative life into living and shopping spaces. Through the use of decorative street signs and decorate sign posts, a space can be transformed into a creative focal point for the navigation of these centers. Being able to clearly navigate these areas is important, and our custom wayfinding signs never compromise good looks with functionality. In order to make your shopping center stand apart from the crowd, there has to be something that sets it apart from every other one. We are always...

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Here at Capital Streetscapes, we know that maybe aluminum isn’t something that occupies a ton of your thought process, but it should! Using aluminum in your decorative street signs and sign posts is something that has slid under the radar, but has tons of benefits—one of the major being that it doesn’t rust which promotes a longer life span! We’ve all driven through small town America and seen those sign posts and street signs that look like they are in need of some TLC, and that’s frequently from rust. With aluminum, you’re avoiding all that!

Another benefit is how aluminum holds up under the weather ups and downs. All over the country right now, we’re experiencing high highs and low lows in temperature. When aluminum gets cold, it strengths, but when it gets hot, that won’t weaken it. You can’t say that of all materials, and it is something to keep in mind when ordering decorative street signs, custom wayfinding signs, and sign posts. Aluminum is also about 1/3 the weight of common metals found in street signs and sign posts. With aluminum, you get a streamlined look...

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Here at Capital StreetScapes, you know that we love to make decorative sign posts and decorative street signs that are aesthetically pleasing for whatever project you are working on. That’s important to talk about when we talk about increasing the safety of your city’s residents.

We’re based here in Austin, where there was recently a hands-free law put into action. That’s right, texters, it’s time to put the phone down and focus on the road. We want our citizens to be safe just as much as we want their custom street signs to be exactly what you’re looking for on your project. On our last post here we mentioned that Spring is a great time to start considering your next street sign project, and that you might want to use our signs to utilize our signage that can help point people in the right direction towards neighborhood parks and recreation centers. This is important in this instance because the hands free laws also bans the use of GPS!

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of our products ad t safety measures, it’s also important that during summer, universities are easy...

summer street signs

It's finally summer! Here in Austin that means swimming in Barton Springs, movies at Auditorium Shores, and camping at Pedernales State Park. No matter where you are, we know that for families around the country, summer means more outdoor time and also time in the car for summer vacation. We know from (a lot) of experience just how important it is for summer to be about enjoying and not about stressing. We've spent some time talking about how decorative street signs and decorative sign posts are important when you're on the road, making the drive easy to navigate and accessible. Another thing to keep in mind is what our products can do for your HOA. Summer is the time for hitting the pool, a few rounds at the tennis court, or hitting the trail. For out-of-towner relatives getting around town or just for a facelift of your neighborhood, consider updating your custom street signs and wayfinding signs.

But we know it’s not all about looks. It’s about functionality too. There is nothing worse than being in a new town and it being impossible to navigate. Having decorative...


The past few months we've been talking a lot about our hometown here in Austin, but today we want to remind everyone of what we have done to offer campuses, HOAs, and municipalities all over the nation. From Bluebell, PA to Dallas, TX to Orlando, FL to Orange County, California, Capital Streetscapes really is a company gone national.

Summer is the perfect time to give your college campuses a bit of a facelift with our decorative street signs and decorative sign posts. One of the great things about our products is that they are clearly impeccably made, but our street signs and wayfinding signs also offer a historical respectability which is oftentimes so important on college campuses.

And we all know that HOAs all over the country are frequently looking for ways to update the look of neighborhood associations all over the country. We've had a lot of experience with this, and if you check out our testimonials page, you'll see it for yourself. With the arrival of summer, your HOA might be wanting to start looking...

decorative street signs at sxsw

SXSW has come to Austin, and that means a time of music filling the streets (and traffic filling the roads). In what can be a crazy and confusing time for tourists, we want to make sure that our city is as easy to navigate as possible. One way to guarantee ease during travel in a new (to you) city is having decorative street signs and sign posts that are easy to spot and effectively navigate what you are looking for. We've all been in a new city and had trouble getting around, now imagine all of the stress that could have been alleviated by having clearly marked, colorful signs. One of the unique things about SXSW in Austin is that it is in a contained part of town and thousands of music loving fans congregate there, which can make for a lot of confusion about where to go and where to look. Even for us locals things can get confusing! Custom way finding signs can make a world of difference during this madness!

We also wanted to touch base with our readers about a project that we partnered with Habitat for Humanity for this month. We loved being a part of this, and wanted...

Custom Street Signs College Campus

Now that school is back in full swing, it might be time to start to think about the last time your college campus got a lift. Something we’re frequently asked about and love doing, is personalizing our decorative street signs and sign posts to project the school spirit of a college campus. From team colors to traditional symbols, we can do it for you. Of course, college campuses are one of the main institutional campuses we help to provide for. Around here, we might be UT fans, but we can cater to any aesthetic. Whether you’re running off to the stadium or walking to class, our way finding signs will help get you where you need to go, and keep your university’s design in mind. We know that so many beautiful college campuses have been historically preserved, and we can help to give your universities aesthetic a beautiful, durable sign while still preserving the integrity of your campus’ history.

If you’re not in the market for upgrading a college campus, with school starting, you might also be thinking about the fresh start of spring. Spring is a big time for homebuyers and...

New Years Decorative Street Signs

Happy New Year! The blank slate of a new year is a great time to think about updating your college campus, town, or HOA. As temps start to rise a bit, and your municipality begins to think about your vision for the future, let us suggest coming to Capital Streetscapes for your decorative street signs and decorative sign posts. It might sound like a small different to make in the landscape and architecture of a place, but in this case, a little really goes a long way. Sprucing up your decorative street signs and sign posts can make all the difference in your neighborhood or college campus. Also, if the past year has been any indication, we might be in for another wild year of weather. You can rest easy knowing that our decorative street signs and decorative sign posts are utilitarian and weather resistant.

As you’re making New Year’s resolutions for yourself, we think it’s also important to think about the environment you surround yourself in. If your neighborhood or your college campus needs a bit of a facelift, there really couldn’t be a better time to start considering...