Decorative Street Sign with Bird


After enduring a rugged and long winter (even in Texas), residents across the USA and their local economies have awakened and are moving, making up ground for lost time.

For the folks at Capital StreetScapes, life is good, and for that we are very grateful. Customers are dusting off their streetscape plans and pushing them forward – and why not? The summer’s ahead of us, the ground has finally thawed out, and it’s time to get those decorative street and traffic sign posts installed, to be used and enjoyed. You’ll find they really do add a lot to the look, function and safety of a neighborhood, community, school or retail facility.

All this activity makes us busy, and busy makes us happy. We’re grateful to our customers for the business they’ve chosen to give us, along with the referrals and compliments sent our way. Perhaps the best encouragement is that, through our customers, we’ve been able to expand our business, including our product line.

For example, we’ve added the Base44 to our selection of bases that fit our 4” poles. It offers a different style and dimensions than our other 4” bases, and the early customer response has been very good. We’ve also developed another base, suitable for both 3” and 4” poles, that we’ll be unveiling in the next few months – stay tuned.

So if you only need to hang a couple of decorative parking signs on existing poles, if your job involves matching existing ornamental sign trims in your historic district, or if your ambitious project involves a 3-phase planned community where neighborhood street signs, wayfinding signs and unique logo signs are required, we want to be your decorative street sign manufacturer. Just don’t be too deliberate, or you may miss another annual window of opportunity!