Street Sign FAQ

Are Capital StreetScapes street signs warrantied and for how long?

All Capital StreetScapes signage, hardware, and accessories are under warranty against defects for a period of 1 year. Capital StreetScapes does not warranty against vehicle collisions or conditions that do not include normal use.

Does Capital StreetScapes offer installation?

No, Capital StreetScapes is a leading manufacturer of decorative street and wayfinding signs. We do not offer installation.

What type of signs do I need for my neighborhood?

Local municipalities control what size and types of signs are needed for your streets. Requirements often change so we strongly encourage you to check with the municipal authority before purchasing your signs.

From what materials are your traffic signs made?

All Capital StreetScapes products are made from aluminum and have a polyester powder coat finish. Signs are made using reflective sheeting applied to an aluminum substrate.

What is the MUTCD?

The MUTCD is the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This document explains the guidelines for all traffic signs as outlined by the Federal Highway Association. These guidelines include designations for street sign height, reflective surfacing, positioning, information about state specific regulations, and more.

Does Capital StreetScapes buy from a distributor?

No. Capital StreetScapes is the manufacturer and distributor for all Capital StreetScapes street signs, wayfinding signs, hardware, and accessories.

Are Capital StreetScapes street signs equipped with reflective surfacing?

As per the MUTCD guidelines, all Capital StreetScapes street and wayfinding signs are coated with a highly reflective material to provide maximum visibility. Read the MUTCD Guidelines for street sign reflectivity.

What should I do if one of my street signs gets destroyed?

If a Capital Streetscapes sign is knocked down or destroyed, contact a Capital StreetScapes representative to replace the sign with a new sign that has the exact specifications as the original.

What makes Capital StreetScapes different from other street sign providers?

Capital StreetScapes is the exclusive manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of all Capital StreetScapes street signs, accessories, and hardware. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer allows you to take advantage of our discount pricing, expert staff of trained technicians, and years of experience creating quality street and wayfinding signs.

Why are prices for street signs and street sign accessories not listed on the website?

Capital StreetScapes does not list pricing information for our decorative street signs and street sign components. This allows us to develop personalized packages to accommodate the different needs of our clients.