Street and traffic sign options


This is our second “back to basics” post. In this post, we’ll discuss street and traffic signs.


Street signs come in a variety of sizes with the two most standard being 6” x 36” and 9” x 36”. The 6” tall signs have 4” letters, while the 9” signs have 6” letters. Sometimes a municipality will require a specific size, so it’s always good to check with them before ordering. We have several different options for mounting your street signs. There are slide-in frames, cast frames with chamfered corners, arm brackets, and top mount brackets. You can see all of the sign mounting options on our Frames & Hardware section. Another thing to consider is the type of reflective vinyl. We use high intensity prismatic on our street signs (unless otherwise told) which is highly reflective and also a durable topcoat that helps to protect the signs.


Traffic signs, like street signs, come in a variety of sizes. Some common types of traffic signs are stop, speed, handicap parking, pedestrian crossing, yield, and do not enter. Again, some municipalities require you to have a certain size sign for your area so it’s good to check. We can make different standard sized traffic signs with whatever you need to say. These signs are also made with that same high intensity prismatic vinyl. We also make cast aluminum frames for these traffic signs, which you can find on the Frames & Hardware page. Remember that most municipalities require a 7 foot clearance from the bottom of your sign to the ground, so take that into consideration when picking out your signs and poles. You want to make sure you have room to install your stop sign at the correct height while leaving enough room for your street signs above.

We hope this was informational to you. As always, feel free to contact us with questions at 855-339-7800 or send us an e-mail at