decorative street sign posts college campus

Back to School

Can you guys believe that it’s almost already time for students to start heading back to school? It’s been a long, hot summer and now it’s time to load up the backpacks and head back. We’ve helped universities around the country outfit their campuses with unique and functional decorative street signs and decorative street sign posts. College campuses often pride themselves on being able to provide a unique, historical feel to students, and that’s something that the right Capital Streetscapes products can help to provide.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal that our products provide in the fall, it’s also important that universities are easy to navigate for incoming freshmen and visiting friends and family. I know that I’ve been lost on a campus more than once, and our decorative street signs can help clearly mark where buildings are. Decorative sign frames and decorative sign brackets from Capital Streetscapes are a good way to make your campus stand out aesthetically from other campuses, something all good college rivals like.

If your college campus is a historical building, like many are, then you maybe looking to preserve the look and feel of that without the (ahem) signs of age from the actual historical street signs. Capital Streetscapes can replicate that look, but with the form and function of the modern age.

In this modern age, we all want to send our kid’s off to a school they can feel proud of. Everything on the campus works together to make that a reality, and our custom street signs are a big part of that too.

Happy studying!