Custom Aluminum Street Signs

Benefits of using aluminum

Here at Capital Streetscapes, we know that maybe aluminum isn’t something that occupies a ton of your thought process, but it should! Using aluminum in your decorative street signs and sign posts is something that has slid under the radar, but has tons of benefits—one of the major being that it doesn’t rust which promotes a longer life span! We’ve all driven through small town America and seen those sign posts and street signs that look like they are in need of some TLC, and that’s frequently from rust. With aluminum, you’re avoiding all that!

Another benefit is how aluminum holds up under the weather ups and downs. All over the country right now, we’re experiencing high highs and low lows in temperature. When aluminum gets cold, it strengths, but when it gets hot, that won’t weaken it. You can’t say that of all materials, and it is something to keep in mind when ordering decorative street signs, custom wayfinding signs, and sign posts. Aluminum is also about 1/3 the weight of common metals found in street signs and sign posts. With aluminum, you get a streamlined look without the bulk.

One of our favorite things about using aluminum in place of many common metals is it is non-magnetic! That means that it won’t interfere with anything that is electromagnetic, like power lines. That’s a rarity in this business, and that makes it a real value. Aluminum promotes safety, and it looks great too.

In a world that’s trying to go green, aluminum steps right up. We all know how important it is to be using sustainable materials, and aluminum is infinitely recyclable. With aluminum you can feel good knowing that you are doing your part in using materials that can be used over and over again in all sorts of ways. Using aluminum promotes making conscious decisions for our environment, and just like recycling your other goods, it is a decision that you can feel good about.

And lastly, aluminum is seamless, which can make it stronger than other poles that do have a seam. This is important for lots of reasons, but really isn’t stronger better?