street signs for college campus


Hi again! We’re back to talk about how street and way finding signs can be a huge benefit to many institutional campuses and not just your neighborhood!

We touched on safety in our last post here, and it’s important to also remember that our signs can help increase safety around hospitals too!

Our custom way finding signs can be so beneficial to not only keeping the aesthetic on your hospital’s design, but also for helping people quickly find their way around the hospital’s campus. Anytime you find yourself at a hospital, you want to feel like you can easily find where you need to go, and our signs make that possible. We’ve all been there… driving aimlessly around those huge hospital campuses trying to find where we need to go. That struggle can come to an end with our way finding signs.

Of course, college campuses are one of the main institutional campuses we help to provide for. Around here, we might be UT fans, but we can cater to any aesthetic. Whether you’re running off to the stadium or walking to class, our way finding signs will help get you where you need to go, and keep your university’s design in mind. We know that so many beautiful college campuses have been historically preserved, and we can help to give your universities aesthetic a beautiful, durable sign while still preserving the integrity of your campus’ history.

And of course, if you are looking to buy for your HOA, our signs can be a great addition to any neighborhood, especially as summer in Texas approaches, and your residents are looking for the pool ASAP.

That’s the great thing about Capital Streetscapes: our designs are not only efficient and extremely durable, but they’re will enhance the entire aesthetic of your campus.

Contact a Capital StreetScapes representative for more information about our decorative street signs and street sign accessories including frames and hardware.