cap street stop sign


Capital StreetScapes decorative sign post components can be used to build a wide variety of styles that meet almost any budget.

First of all, it’s important to remember that you must contact your local municipal authority when choosing your products. We’ve supplied a form to help you get the right information.

All municipalities have guidelines for the size of signs and placement height. Just because you have a certain size sign or pole height now, it may not meet your cities current requirements. Many changes have been made in reflectivity and sign size to make signs easier to read in the case of emergencies.

You will first need to choose the pole diameter you prefer and then choose the decorative sign base and finial you like best. Once you have the information about sign size you can then choose the street sign and traffic sign mounting or framing method.There are several choices with a wide range of styles and cost.

We’re proud of the quality and variety of decorative cast aluminum sign frames, sign trims and decorative brackets we offer. With Capital StreetScapes you will get the best quality and price of any manufacturer in the industry. Choosing components for your decorative sign or wayfinding sign allows you to have creativity in the process, and a unique design for your project.

Remember we are here to help and will be glad to guide you through the process. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Contact a Capital StreetScapes representative for more information about our decorative street signs and street sign accessories including frames and hardware.