New Splice Pole

Over the last couple of years, the shipping industry has had challenges for a variety of reasons. Because of this we have seen an increase of our freight shipping costs. Anything over 8 feet has to ship via motor freight which is the majority of the work that we do. We have been trying to come up with a way to help reduce shipping costs to our customers, especially those that are only ordering one or two units at a time.


Introducing our new Easy Splice Connecter:

This product is designed for orders around three units or less to dramatically cut the shipping costs. Instead of getting a 14 foot pole shipped with all the extra fees, you can get two shorter poles and use the Easy Splice Connecter to attach the posts together. Watch this instructional video to see more details.

Most freight companies are charging overlength fees when a shipment is longer than 8 feet. Shipments longer than 12 feet have much higher fees. The Easy Splice Connector keeps shipments less than 8 feet long, which saves you money from overlength fees.