One Dog's Inspiring Journey Through The City

You know how people always say that Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World? Well, that may be true, but I tend to think that there are just as many dog fanatics here as music fanatics. As much as I love this city, the only one I know who loves it more than me is my 6 year old lab, Ella. She is a regular swimmer at Lake Austin, watching the bats over Congress bridge, and chasing her ball at Zilker Park. Thanks to our decorative street signs and sign posts, she is never lost when she's exploring this beautiful city. Our decorative sign posts have helped Ella find her way down to Red Bud Isle's off leash park where she can hang with all her other dog buds, and our custom street signs point her in the direction of Shoal Creek, where is a famous for her rock-collecting abilities.

One thing that Austin is known for is its unmistakable vintage-meets-modern flair. Ella likes the variety of signage and vintage street signs throughout the city. She loves shaking things up a bit with cool design in signage, especially the vintage appeal of our signs! She's an old soul, just like us, just like this city!

On a Sunday afternoon, Ella and I love to find our way out the 360 bridge to jump in Bull Creek. It can be tricky to navigate some of those parts of the Hill Country, and that's why we trust the always informative custom street signs.

For a girl and her dog, there's so much to see and do here! But it can be hard not to get lost sometimes.

One thing that Capital Streetscapes has always prided itself on doing is creating a user-friendly appeal for our customers. That's something I can appreciate, and I know Ella can appreciate it too.

Whether you're in the market for decorative sign posts or custom street signs, Capital Streetscape can help you (or your furry friend) our with all your needs! See you at the lake!