summer street signs

Summer is almost here!

It's finally summer! Here in Austin that means swimming in Barton Springs, movies at Auditorium Shores, and camping at Pedernales State Park. No matter where you are, we know that for families around the country, summer means more outdoor time and also time in the car for summer vacation. We know from (a lot) of experience just how important it is for summer to be about enjoying and not about stressing. We've spent some time talking about how decorative street signs and decorative sign posts are important when you're on the road, making the drive easy to navigate and accessible. Another thing to keep in mind is what our products can do for your HOA. Summer is the time for hitting the pool, a few rounds at the tennis court, or hitting the trail. For out-of-towner relatives getting around town or just for a facelift of your neighborhood, consider updating your custom street signs and wayfinding signs.

But we know it’s not all about looks. It’s about functionality too. There is nothing worse than being in a new town and it being impossible to navigate. Having decorative street signs that help out of town guests find the beach, those Austin world famous breakfast tacos, or Barton Springs is just as important as anything else. Don't forget college campuses. Here in Austin we know a thing or two about preserving historical campuses and If your college campus is a historical building, like many are, then you maybe looking to preserve the look and feel of that without the (ahem) signs of age from the actual historical street signs. Capital Streetscapes can replicate that look, but with the form and function of the modern age. Summer is a great time to do that while students are away. We are proud of our products being able to offer both form and function. Whether your going on a road trip or headed to an exotic locale this summer, we hope you’ll choose Capital Streetscapes. No matter what type of signage you need, Capital Streetscapes is proud of our decorative sign products. We're always here to help.