Floor Flange.jpg

Surface Mount Option

Over the years at Capital StreetScapes we have have requests for a surface mount option for those that want to install on concrete, but don't want to core drill for their post. We now have an option for those customers! They are simple to use; bolt the flange to the concrete, slip your pole in the opening, and then tighten the bolt on the side so it's snug against the pole.

flange in use.jpg

The flange comes in 3" and 4" diameter and will work with our fluted and smooth posts. You can either leave it as is or you can cover the flange with a base. Our Base45 and Base46 will fit with ease. If you are interested in getting 3" poles, you can always use an adapter for the 4" bases to fit around your poles.

Check out this video to see more details about the floor flange. As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. Give us an e-mail at info@capitalstreetscapes.com or call us at 972-641-4911.