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At Capital StreetScapes we are asked fairly often about powder coating, both by customers and friends. They will examine our ornamental aluminum castings or decorative street sign posts and wonder aloud about the “terrific paint job”. When we mention the term “powder coating”, we sometimes get a puzzled look and a request to please explain.

Powder coating is a type of protective coating and finishing process that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Introduced to the United States over 40 years ago, powder coating is unlike conventional liquid paint in that it doesn’t require the material be kept in a liquid suspension form. Instead the powder, a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, is typically applied electrostatically using a spray gun. The coated piece is then cured in a large oven to allow the application to melt, flow and create a uniform skin across the object. It is mainly used for the coating of metals for both industry and consumers, including household appliances, aluminum extrusions (such as the decorative sign poles offered by Capital StreetScapes), outdoor machinery and automobiles.

There are numerous advantages to powder coating over more conventional liquid paints or similar applications. The result yields a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint, of high quality and quite attractive. Coatings can be applied much thicker and more uniformly than regular paint. Any overspray that occurs can be captured and recycled. Capital and operating costs for the powder coater are typically less than typical painting production, and usually with less hazardous waste being generated.

All the parts we sell at Capital StreetScapes, other than our decorative traffic signs or the unfinished aluminum products that our customers sometimes request, come with a top quality powder coating finish. It’s durable, environmentally friendly and looks great. Check out our decorative street and traffic components at