Custom Street Sign


Sometimes we take calls here at Capital StreetScapes from prospective customers that have already visited our web site, found our Examples pages, have already determined that Example 4D or Wayfinding Sign A is exactly what they want, and they’d like to order one (or 15) of those, please. Pretty simple and straightforward, and it makes our lives slightly less complicated.

Much more often, however, armed only with a general idea of their signage needs and their budget, our customers start their web search and find us online. They like the style of our products and so they contact us, but they still have many decisions to make before they’re ready to commit to a plan or purchase. In those instances, we become product experts and signage design consultants.

We love to receive those phone calls, so please keep them coming! But here’s a way to organize your thinking if we’ve just described you:


What are you trying to accomplish with the signage? Providing information, safety and compliance come to mind, but there’s also minimizing maintenance, providing durability and increasing property values. Does the location of the new ornamental traffic sign you need require a certain height, level of reflectivity or overall sign size?


Is there an existing signage style in your neighborhood or development that you’re trying to match or complement? Are there particular new elements (such as sign post bases, cast aluminum finials a certain shade of blue or neighborhood logo) that you want to introduce into your signage system?


Often the budget is a constraining factor, so it’s important to identify the components that are must-haves versus nice-to-haves. For example, I may be required to have street signs on each of the seven poles I need to replace, so what choices for cast aluminum street sign trims or decorative street sign brackets do I have cost-wise to accomplish that?

At Capital StreetScapes, we partner with you to help clarify what your signage issues are and identify the options available to you. We can even make you a subject expert so you can report back intelligently to your HOA board, city manager or even your spouse. We pride ourselves as a decorative street sign manufacturer that provides great customer service. Make the right call and you will make the right choice!