2013 street sign catalog


Remember the scene in the Steve Martin movie “The Jerk” where he’s dancing and shouting, “The new phone book’s here, the new phone book’s here!” - excited because its arrival means that he’s finally arrived, that he’s finally somebody?

We’d like to think that Capital StreetScapes arrived some time ago, but still we’re pretty excited about our latest catalog, which is now available on our home page, capitalstreetscapes.com. It gives us the chance to feature some of the latest additions to our product line, including several pieces found in our Frames/Hardware section.

With the addition of Arm-A and Scroll-A, along with the decorative S Scroll, you now have many more options for the look (and cost) of your ornamental street signs. These attractive pieces can also be incorporated into any decorative wayfinding sign system that you create. And as always, we’re available to assist you in creating the look of your signage project, one that will complement the character of its surroundings without pounding your budget. Check out the electronic catalog found on our web site at capitalstreetscapes.com/resourcescatalog.

So shout for joy, because the good things that Capital StreetScapes provides – decorative traffic signs, ornamental wayfinding sign systems, neighborhood street signs – just got a whole lot better. We want you to feel free to even dance a little, but that's a personal choice.