Lindsborg Kansas Ornamental Sign


For those communities both large and small looking to upgrade their visual appearance, Capital StreetScapes can help. We can partner with you to create a comprehensive wayfinding sign system that assists both visitors and transplanted newcomers to navigate through areas of interest within your community. Including coordinating decorative street sign posts can enhance the overall look of your streetscape system.

A coordinated streetscape and wayfinding system can beautifully reflect the image of your community, orienting visitors and motorists to the area and successfully engaging them in exploring your commercial, historical and scenic offerings.

Specially designed area and directional signs can be placed to direct motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians to key locations throughout your community. These directional signs may be installed along internal streets within your site to minimize visual clutter, enhance vehicle and foot traffic and successfully direct your visitors. Specific informational signs can be placed within each site to guide pedestrians and drivers to buildings, points of interest and parking areas.

Here are a few examples of custom directional signs. Let us help you create what you need to maximize your assets and solve the specific challenges within your community. Our wayfinding signage is designed to complement the surrounding look and landscape to reflect positively on your locale. Contact Capital StreetScapes today to learn more about our wayfinding sign options.