down on Main Street


We’ve written here before at the Capital StreetScapes blog page about America’s Main Street Program (see Downtown Upturns) and its many benefits to the communities that implement the program’s vision within their locale. The national Main Street revitalization effort for historic downtowns was formed over 30 years ago, and we’re proud that our home state of Texas started a statewide program during the same year and is one of the oldest and largest. In fact, three Texas towns – Sealy, Caldwell and Waco – officially entered the program last month, bringing to 87 the number of Texas communities participating.

So what does the America’s Main Street movement represent and what could it offer you and your community? Quoting from the national web site, “Main Street is the economic engine, the big stage, the core of the community. Our Main Streets tell us who we are and who we were, and how the past has shaped us. We do not go to bland suburbs or enclosed shopping malls to learn about our past, explore our culture, or discover our identity. Our Main Streets are the places of shared memory where people still come together to live, work, and play.” (

Our products and expertise at Capital StreetScapes can make your historic downtown area really stand out. Whether it’s ornamental traffic signage, decorative street signs or antique wayfinding signage that directs your visitors smoothly and safely around town, we can offer you decorative sign components with the style, quality and durability that will truly enhance the classic look you’re after.